University of Indonesia

Baobab tree
The library (Crystal of Knowledge)
Happy Graduation!

The main building

The Hall (Balairung UI)

These pictures were taken when my boyfriend's graduation. I tried to capture the symbol of my campus and here is the result. Enjoy!

Back in Hometown

Well, as an Indonesian I also have a common habit: travelling back to my hometown whenever I got a chance, especially when it comes to holiday! And yes, everytime I go back, there will be some changes that I have missed. Well, my hometown is just different that it used to be, especially when I lived there a few years ago. So as usual I try to capture the new things that happen in my hometown. Just two picts that I can get. Next time I will drop some more.


Travelling Story

A few months ago, I went to Cianjur to do some research and of course to travel. I went to the infamous megalithic site, Gunung Padang. I'm not gonna tell you what is it about. You can find it all over on the internet. Besides that, I'm not a good story-teller. So just try to google it anyway. LOL. But here are some pictures that I've taken while I was there. Enjoy.

One of the stairs. Took a lot effort to get here
The morning sky in Gunung Padang
The megalithic site. If I'm not mistaken, this is the second, third, and fourth terrace
The sky (again)


Indonesian Teapot

Mommy and Her Little Kids


One of exhibition stand in INACRAFT 2013
The javanese statue
The shadow play keychains

Few weeks ago my parents suddenly asked me whether I want to go to INACRAFT or not. Of course I do want to. And tadaaaa~ it was definitely amazing exhibition. All craftings from Indonesia!!! You can imagine how great it is. And I was soooo excited. Here's some pictures that I have taken. Some photos are already deleted from my handphone. Well, stupid me. :)

Painting Painting Painting

Got a new routine. My friends and I have been so excited about painting and a few weeks ago we tried to paint on different medias, such as caping and tampah. And here's the result.