Ironically Funny

Today I was realized that fate has its own way to live someone's life. And it was ironically funny thing that I have ever found in my life. Well, we always don't know how life would be, do we? Congrats for you! :)

InHyun's Couple

So, it's true that Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na are dating! And I'm so freakin happy to hear this. I worship both of them, their chemistry in Queen In Hyun's Man was unbelivable, lovely and warm-hearted. I'm so happy and I pray that they will last long. Amin. :)

Say hello to Poly, the loveliest puppy I've ever seen. :)


Here It Comes

So, I was freaking excited to see these posters. I can't wait to see Eric and Sookie again. :)