Burger Rendang

I found this unique food, called Burger Rendang!

My Four Students

These are my four students in GPIB Bethesda. I teach them Mathematic every Sunday. They sometimes can be so undisciplined but they are pretty diligent. :)


Last week I 've got a busy schedule. So busy that I couldn't have a proper sleep. Oh crap! And for two days, I went to the same place, that we called as the basecamp. The building was built from colonial era. But its wall has been paste by some banners, which is a headline on magazine or newspaper, from Indonesia or from outside. Here are some photos.

This place is called as Newseum, an office of Wisdom Institute and Indonesia Media Watch.

So Busy

Well, I've been so busy last week that I couldn't manage my blog. LOL. So here we goes. I will post some of photos. :)


Some Photos

Afternoon sky from Cikini station
Cloudy sky from Monumen Nasional
The two types of train in Indonesia
A view from my office
A road in front of my house
Out of my boredom, I decided to take some photos. So, here those photos.


One of my friend is officially a novelist!!! YEAAAY! I took some photos of her novel which being displayed in book store and the one in the middle is her novel that I have bought. I love its cover. It's cute. So, if you accidentally see this novel, which titled CRUSH, in a book store, make sure that you buy it! The story will remind you of your teenage time. By the way, my friend's name is Veronica Latifiane. :)


An Usual Event

At Cikini Station. It was yesterday when the passenger had to walk due to an error pantograph.


Monumen Nasional Jakarta

Called this as a good side from my job. Got an opportunity to spend my working time by walking around in Monumen Nasional Park, the landmark of Jakarta. LOL. Eventhough for some people this monument is not so special, but I think that this monument is one of great examples for public space in a big city. Of course I took some photos. Luckily, my digital camera is somewhat working just fine. I love the color! Sorry I didn't make it to the top. Because yesterday the weather was not so good and there's a long queue. Not an excuse though. :P