One of mass transpotation in Indonesia called Commuter Line.

An evening sky
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Aksi Protes PPI Berlin-Jerman terhadap komisi I DPR-RI

The protest from Germany PPI regarding overseas visits by members of Indonesian’s legislators in order to have a meeting with the Indonesian Embassy in Germany. Fund that has been spent is about IRD 3.1 Billion. Well, don’t they know any modern technology called teleconference?! Shame on them.

Things that are precious to you

So, share with me the things that are precious to you.
(for me of course there are my handphone, my pursue, my pencil case, my journal, my accecories, my laptop along with other equipment and Andre Harihandoyo and Sonic People's Good for Soul album)


Light in the Dark

This is the lovely package from one of sugar product in my country, GULAKU.
I love the color and the design they have made.
So here I am once again. After a few years had a break for blogging, now I'm back, eventhough I was very active in tumblr. LOL. Well, this blog maybe will be only photos and if there's a text I think it will be so little. :)
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