The Third Hospital

To be honest, I don’t like this genre. The reason is simple, I just hate to watch blood. LOL! But, since there is Oh Ji Ho played as the main character, well this dramas is worth to give a try. And after read some reviews, I just thought that I have to watch it, because many people praised Sooyoung’s acting. Not to be confused, I’m not Sone. LOL.

Oh Ji Ho as Kim Seung Hyun
This drama talks about the world of doctor. How hard it is to be a doctor. How hard it is to save so many people’s life. And the most interesting part is the rivalry between eastern doctor and western doctor in neurosurgery department, which being ilustrated by the rivalry of the two main characters, who are actually siblings. Kim Seung Hyun and Kim Doo Hyun. Funny thing is nobody realized that they are siblings, though their family name is the same and their second sylabels of the name is similar, Hyun. But again, nobody realized it. Well, maybe because I’ve read the synopsis before watch it. LOL.

The rivalry between the eastern and western is being illustrated almost like real. How they fight over the method to cure the patient and things got more complicated when they have to team up. Well, it is very interesting if something like this happens in the real life. It would be both nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time.

The second thing is the relationship between Kim Doo Hyun and Kim Seung Hyun. The reason Kim Doo Hyun hates Kim Seung Hyun is well illustrated. He is just an adopted children and all the things about the real son is better than the adopted son. But, how the two rebuild again their relationship is something not to be missing. Though Kim Doo Hyun acts the way he hates Kim Seung Hyun, we know that he doesn’t hate Kim Seung Hyun that much. It’s just a rivalry to show that eventhough he is an adopted son, he is much way better. And I think Kim Seung Hyun is doing right with his act. He doesn’t even know why Kim Doo Hyun hates him. He just hates his father.

Sooyoung as Lee Ui Jin
The third thing is the love-line. This drama doesn’t give you a romantic scene, because it is not a romance drama. It’s just a simple love line. The love triangle between Jin Hye In, Kim Doo Hyun, and Kim Seung Hyun is simple but cute. I just love it. And how the writer left Kim Seung Hyun promises to himself not to love other woman, it’s just touching.
After all, I always think that tvN usually makes good dramas, such as Shut Up flower Boy Band, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Reply To 1997, and of course The Third Hospital. Those dramas have a great story that touches the reality and at the same time our fantasy of life. :)


Quote #3

"Anyone who falls in love is searching for the missing pieces of themselves." (Haruki Murakami)

Just Photos

Some of so many pictures that I've taken from Museum Nasional and Museum Wayang, Jakarta. I have vissited this two museums twice. Still I have so many complaints about the management. Blame my boyfriend because of it LOL!


24th January

Letting go someone who was very dear to you is one of the hardest thing to do in my life. I never dream before that I have to lose him, without saying a proper goodbye. And this thing had made me bury all my past.



I made my promise not to write anything about my political opinion here, because I just don't want to. I have another media to express those opinions. This blog is only about my life and personal perspective about my life. So, let's hope I'm not gonna break my promise. Cheers!

Random #3

Ada kalanya ketika yang diharapkan tidak pernah datang, dan ada kalanya ketika yang tidak diharapkan malah selalu datang, terutama di saat yang sangat tidak terduga. Lucunya adalah reaksi yang muncul ketika yang tidak diharapkan itu datang di saat yang paling tidak terduga. Siapa pula yang bisa mengontrol reaksi manusia kalau bukan manusia itu sendiri? Sayangnya saya bukan seseorang yang pandai mengontrol emosi, apalagi ketika berhadapan dengan sesuatu yang mendadak dan tidak diharapkan. Ah entahlah.

Undergraduate thesis

My thesis on campus library's shelf. Yippie!

What a lovely scenery

The view from my dorm's window. Lovely.



Another photoshoot with two version: black and red
(Model: Cahyandaru K, Sunglass owned by Adinda K.SW., Photographer: Pratidina Sekar P.)


Meet the new kitty

Quote #2

Some think intuition is a gift, but it can be a curse as well, a voice calling to us from places that are better left unexplore, an echo of memories that will never die no matter how hard we try to kill them. (Revenge)

Goodbye, Merlin

The last episode from Merlin and now it's time to say goodbye to Merlin. Time to say goodbye to Arthur, Gwen, Gaius and Morgana. It seems not normal to feel sad just because a series has come to an end, but I love this series, because it has a great story, great actors and actress. Ah I'm so sad :(

Quote #1

Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. 
-Anton Chekhov


Beach (Pantai)

These are some photos that I took while I was in vacation in Trenggalek, East Java. I forgot the name of the beach but it has absolutely wonderful wave. :)

Happy New Year

Last week I was on a trip, family trip to be exact. Not to mention that I visited my hometown. Again. This time it took a short time for me to remember all the past that I’ve been through. I remember when I was in elementary, junior high school, senior high school. I remember all the people that I’ve met. I remember how it was to live in a small town. All my dreams, my hopes. I realized how much I have changed. And I realize that it’s not just me, but everybody did change. Somehow I feel lonely, because we’ve grown apart and became different. But it is impossible to hope that everybody stays the same, while you yourself is changing. How fair it is. 
Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! God bless us and hope it will be another awesome yet blessing year.