(Not so) excited with my new routine

Why the title of this post is a lil' bit weird (I can't find the proper word that can describe my feeling LOL)? Because eventhough many friends of mine said I'm lucky enough, I don't feel that. Well, you can call me such an ungrateful person, but hey I have my own reasons to say this. This is my life after all.
There's so many unstable thing. I don't know how to draw my future plan. Everything seems so grey, neither black or white. Too many upredictable situation that can ruin my plan. Well, I could say that my plan has been ruined. A little.
Well, I guess I have to hold on for a little longer because after all, I love the job. And I have so many spare time. Hahaha. Poor me or lucky me? Both of them I think. :)

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