The King of Dramas

At first I decided to watch this drama because of Siwon. You know that I kinda don’t like him. Don’t hate me ELF. LOL. I just want to see if in this drama he plays the same character like his other dramas. And it proved that my prediction is kinda wrong. Truthfully I love this drama.

The theme of this drama: the production of dramas. I love it! I aways love behind the scene thingy. The process is more interesting than the result. That’s what I always believe.

I love how this dramas illustrated the relationship between the main point of drama production. The producer, the scriptwriter, the director, and the actors/actress. People always remember the actor/actress the most and seldom to praise people behind the scene, such as the scriptwriter, the producer, and the director. And I think this drama has succesfully told us how important their role are.

 The main character is the scriptwriter, Lee Go Eun, and I think that is absolutely right. If there’s no scriptwriter how can the story be told. And I just love how cruel the main male actor is, Anthony Kim. The relationship between the writer and the producer is somewhat typical, love-hate relationship, but I don’t think it’s a cheesy one.
 At one point they can hate each other and then they can work as a team. Voila! As you can guess, the relationship gets more complicated when there’s a feeling grows inside both of them. But so typical and still cute for me. At least.

And there’s our lovely Siwon as the snob Kang Hyun Min. Oh God, I always laughing my ass so hard whenever he shows up. I just can’t stand his facial expression since I’ve never seen him like that. He plays so good in this drama. His childisch and selfish character makes me love him. And it gets more fun when he meets Sung Min Ah. It’s just loveable one, if you don’t wanna call it as funny.
Well, from this drama I just learned about the world of drama production. It’s a cruel and competitive world, and at the same time intriguing! As viewers sometimes we don’t realize it because we only know the result, not the process. This drama tells us the story about it. I wonder why this drama doesn’t get high rating. Well, the rating isn’t important. The story is.

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